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Why You Should Switch to DIY Deodorant

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As far back as I could remember, I always went down the same aisle in Walmart to grab my dove deodorant. Never realizing that it was just a ticking bomb. 

Everyday store bought deodorants contain many ingredients that can cause grave medical concerns. I went natural because of medical complications, natural hair turned to natural foods. Natural foods turned into natural everything else. So deodorant is no different.

For years I was a constant over-sweater and I hated it. No one was more ready to buy clinical strength deodorant than me. But one day while I was applying it before class, it hit me, the lymph notes in our armpits absorb whatever is in these deodorant and with over fifteen years of buying them, I had no idea what was in them, being absorbed into our glands and blood stream. 

Most store bought deodorants contain aluminum. It's actually the active ingredient in the product that gives the anti-perspiring properties. How exactly does it work? Well, that's the disturbing part so prepare yourselves.

Aluminum ions from the aluminum salts in the product are absorbed into the skin, into the cells that line the sweat ducts. This leads to those ducts swelling and squeezing the ducts closed.  My poor sweat ducts.

The thing most shocking is that Aluminum is a known neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Some studies suggest that aluminum can very well be a contributing factor to the development of breast cancer. Most cancer-ridden tissues develop in the upper and over part of the breast, which is closest to the arm pit. Research also suggests that aluminum compounds adsorbed by the skin can cause changes in estrogen receptors of breast cell tissue. 

Finding that out was enough for me, and I looked into different alternatives. I knew there was no one I trusted more with my health than myself. So, that's where DIY comes into the picture. With DIY options you know every single ingredient that goes into your formula, and you get to be creative with fragrances! So here are a couple DIY examples to get your research started: 


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