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Adding Heat to Your Deep Conditioning

Ahhh Deep conditioning! I loveeeeeeee deep conditioning!

I always tell everyone I give advice to that adding heat to your deep conditioning regime is ESSENTIAL.

Let me make myself more clear...deep conditioning with heat is ESSENTIAL for ALL hair types!

Heating up your deep conditioner allows the hair follicles to open up (from the heat, especially helpful for low porosity) and the conditioner is better able to penetrate the hair shaft.

Let's look at low porosity for a moment. Low porosity hair has a very tightly closed hair follicle. Making it nearly impossible to open those cuticles allowing moisture to enter. Adding heat in any form will help pry open those cuticles and rush some moisture into those much needed tresses.

High porosity hair also benefits from adding heat to deep conditioners. The heat completely opens up the follicle also but it helps repair the damage and gaps in the hair. Let's look at my favorite deep conditioner for a moment the DevaCurl Heaven in Hair ( picture above). The most important thing for high porosity hair when picking a deep conditioner is of course Hydration first. High porosity hair is constantly releasing moisture through the gaps in hair structure. Don't think that's the only thing you need to look for in a deep conditioner!

It's vital to keep a moisture and protein balance. Which is why the Deva Curl Heaven in Hair is my favorite. It is a hydration intensive treatment with a protein base. Best of both worlds. I use this deep conditioner exclusively because the protein in the conditioner is what is slowly repairing my high porosity hair. Slowly but surely, the protein from the deed conditioner fills in the gaps in my hair making the hair strand smoother and easier to manage. Simultaneously,  while the conditioner is repairing and hydrating the steam is carefully hydrating dry and rough effect my hair has after a few days.

I used to deep condition with just a shower cap and realized my results weren't anywhere near as beautiful as what I had seen other curly girls get. I knew my hair was severely damaged but there had to be a way to step my deep conditioning game up and there was!

Oils and heating up my conditioner!

Some of my favorite ways of adding heat to my deep conditioner:
  • Qredew hair steamer (or a clothing garment steamer, use with caution)
  • microwavable cap (my favorite is the Thermal Haircare Hot Head)
  • using a plastic bag as a cap with a hot towel under it
  • using a bowl of hot water to physically heat up my deep conditioner bottle
Some of my favorite oils to add to my deep conditioners:
  • Righteous Roots Oil (only available in the United States, United Kingdom, and India) 
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Avocado Oil 


  1. Definitely need deep conditioner. Already have the oils. I heat up oils just a bit so I don't burn my scalp. I place a bag over my hair and let hot shower water hit the top.


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