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Olaplex #3

Everything You Need to Know About Olaplex # 3

What is Olaplex #3?
Olaplex #3 is called the "hair perfector." It is neither a protein treatment, moisture treatment or deep conditioner.  It is a bond builder. Olaplex #3's main function is to relink the broken disulfide bonds in every single hair type. It provides real structural repair that works from within. Broken bonds often result in split ends and breakage. Similar to a protein treatment, Olaplex #3 provides structure to repair those bonds and prevent split ends and breakage. It penetrates the disulfide in the cortex of the hair that gets damaged from chemical treatments or the overuse of direct hot tools such as hair straighteners. The cortex (center) is responsible for the hair's color, texture, and strength. Once those bonds are damaged or dry that is when split ends and breakage occur.

How Do I use Olaplex #3?
Here's a few tips to help answer the FAQ about the olaplex steps:

  • Olaplex is meant to be applied to damp UNWASHED hair
  • If build up is present in the hair, lightly shampoo your hair with a GENTLE, sulfate free shampoo, and lightly towel dry (for us curlies it would be microfiber towel)  then apply the Olaplex #3.
  • Olaplex #3 can be applied to dry hair, just take into account that it will require more product to fully saturate the hair properly. 
Proper Steps:
  1. Start by wetting hair enough to dampen it.
  2. Apply a generous amount of product into hair, focus on ends first then move up to mid-lengths. DO NOT apply olaplex to roots!
  3. After you finish apply the product, put on a shower cap. DO NOT APPLY HEAT 
  • The reason you do not apply heat (heating cap, or hair steamer) to olaplex #3 is because olaplex #3 works on wet hair. The product stops working when hair is dry, adding heat runs the risk of drying out your hair faster and not allowing the product to actively work.
  • If your hair does dry out, olaplex #3 is reactivated by water, so just rewet your hair. 
      4. Leave product on for a minimum of ten minutes.
  • Keep in mind that olaplex #3 works better the longer its on. 
  • The time period that has seen most improvement and is most effective is 30-90 minutes.
  • You can leave olaplex #3 on overnight. 
      5. Rinse product out with water, then shampoo, deep condition, and style as normal. 

How often can the treatment be done?

Olaplex #3 is a treatment that can be done once a week.
  • For hair that is greatly damaged (i.e heat or chemical damage) it can be used 2-3 times a week in combination with your favorite moisture and protein treatments where applicable. Just keep in mind that the more often you shampoo in a week the dryer your hair will get so deep conditioning 1-2 a week will be VITAL. 
Is olaplex #3 safe for my hair type?
Olaplex #3 is compatible with ALL hair types. Including virgin, colored, highly damaged, or textured hair (i.e curls) 

Why can't I buy Olaplex from Amazon or Costco?
Like many high end products you want to ensure that you are getting the actual product. Olaplex cannot ensure the validity of the product you purchase when you order from amazon or Costco, these companies have not signed with Olaplex to become authorized (rightful) vendors of the product. So, those products are mostly watered down or not even the real product!

What are the AUTHORIZED vendors of olaplex?
  • Professional Salons (Use the salon finder on the olaplex website)
Can Olaplex restore my curl type?
Olaplex #3 is meant to strengthen your hair and improve the health of your hair. You can help encourage your curl pattern by finger coiling small sections of your hair before putting the shower cap on. As always with any product, it is not a miracle product. Repairing the health of your hair and your curl pattern takes consistency and time. 

Does Olaplex contain Protein?

Yes, olaplex #3 does contain some protein but not enough to cause a reaction for protein sensitive lovelies. Remember all hair types need SOME protein from time to time. 


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